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Tips on Providing Feedback 

Welcome to TC online idea exchange platform. Here are some tips on providing feedback that will help create a better community: Provide positive feedback before negative feedback Idea posters can point out what they want the feedbacks to focus on Check out our example pages for some sample feedback!

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Crossing the Gap 

The article is reposted by the courtesy of Andrew Clark, and is adapted to an example on Idea Exchange Program. The original link:Legoengineering I’m Kiki Zheng, a first year student in Master of Science program in Science Education at Teachers College, Columbia University. I’m designing a science course for children. Crossing the Gap is …

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Yana’s phonology and phonetics project 

Yana’s phonology and phonetics project This is my project for the phonology and phonetics class. I didn’t come to any generalization from my data, so I’m wondering if there’s something I should pay attention to. Also, I’d like to know if my analysis is useful for anybody. Thanks for your feedback!

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